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World's Longest Golfers

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World’s Longest Golfers Inc. is proud to partner with Charity Golf International to bring the Industry Leading Charity Golf Fundraising and Golf Entertainment To Canada!

The Worldwide Leader in On Course Fundraising + Entertainment

Charity Golf International’s long drive professionals have raised more than $28M at over 7,000 events since 2011, all at no cost to the charity throughout the USA and Coming This Summer we are now available Nationwide in Canada!



World's Longest Golfers (WLG) was founded in 2017 by Professional Long Driver and Longest Left-Handed Golfer in the World: Dan "SMACKINTOSH" McIntosh. WLG's mission is to grow the sport of Long Drive through coaching and educating aspiring golfers/long drivers, contracting out Professional Long Drivers to entertain at special events, and competing on the Long Drive World Stages across the globe. 


Upcoming Events


Entertainment & Events

Let us make your event unforgettable with Professional Long Drivers, Expert Fundraisers and Entertainers!

Online Coaching and assessment

Let CPGA Certified Professional Golf Instructor, Physicist, and Professional Long Driver - Dan SMACKINTOSH McIntosh help you get the most distance out of your swing!


An experience like nothing else
— Attendee
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